High Pressure Cleaning

Executive House Washing prides itself in using the latest industry approved equipment.

We choose to use a rotary wash system on the larger flat surfaces to ensure the areas are more evenly and consistently cleaned. We can guarantee to remove a great variety of stains and substances from any surface type.

We use environmentally friendly cleaning agents whenever possible; alternatively, a deep pore cleaner can be used to keep the surfaces looking sharper for longer. All care is taken to prevent water from getting into storm water drains. Smaller areas are finished off using a high-pressure hose attachment. We guarantee all our services and assure you of a very efficient clean.


What types of surfaces can you pressure clean?
Pressure cleaning can be effectively used on a wide variety of surfaces including concrete, bricks, pavers, sandstone, tiles, roof tiles, terracotta, cement render, granite, terrazzo, Pebble Crete, Stencil-Crete, exposed aggregate, glass, timber, metal, colourbond, painted surfaces and synthetic surfaces (e.g. tennis courts, safety mats).

What can you remove?
Moss / mould / lichen, oil / grease, chewing gum, graffiti / paint, bird droppings, sealers, tyre marks, rust, smoke / fire damage, glues & adhesives.

How do I work out the area I need pressure-cleaned?
If you do not have a handyman around the house to measure the area accurately, you can simply pace out the length and width of the area in one metre steps, multiply that together and you will gain a good idea. Our technicians are trained in measuring all types of driveways and roofs and can give you a more accurate measurement upon arrival.

What can I do to assist you before you arrive?
Please ensure that all furniture and pot plants etc are removed from the areas being pressure-cleaned



Roof and Gutters

Don't spend thousands of dollars replacing your roof that could have been restored to a like new appearance with simple pressure cleaning.


High Pressure Cleaning

We choose to use a rotary wash system on the larger flat surfaces to ensure the areas are more evenly and consistently cleaned
Commercial Building


Commercial Services

When you own a business, it is important that you keep your place of business looking attractive, inside and outside



House Washing Services

Executive House Washing uses the latest industry approved equipment and highly trained technicians to clean your home. Firstly, we spray your home from the gutters down to

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