House Washing

Executive House Washing takes pride in using the latest industry approved equipment and highly trained technicians to clean all types of homes.

Our goal is to clean your house using as little pressure as possible. This virtually eliminates concerns of water being forced behind any siding, paint being blown off and water being pushed in through windows and doors.

Typically, our process is to start with the exterior of the gutters and work our way down to the foundation. Using non-abrasive and environmentally responsible detergents, we lightly spray your home. These detergents are then left on for a short period to help remove mould, mildew, cobwebs, wasp nests, general dirt and grime.

Any tough spots will then be scrubbed off using a soft brush and broom. Your home will then be rinsed off thoroughly using a low pressure hose.


Which areas are included in a house wash?
-External walls (painted, timber, brick, rendered)
-Windows (left air to dry)
-Window screens / grills
-Timber railings, fence palings, gates
-External staircases
-Garage doors

What can I do to assist you before you arrive?
Please remove any items that you do not want to get wet. Clothing on washing lines, furniture, cushions and electrical goods should all be removed or covered. Please be aware that most homes are not 100% waterproof and it is possible that small amounts of water could get inside the home through windows and doors that are not completely sealed.



Roof and Gutters

Don't spend thousands of dollars replacing your roof that could have been restored to a like new appearance with simple pressure cleaning.


High Pressure Cleaning

We choose to use a rotary wash system on the larger flat surfaces to ensure the areas are more evenly and consistently cleaned
Commercial Building


Commercial Services

When you own a business, it is important that you keep your place of business looking attractive, inside and outside



House Washing Services

Executive House Washing uses the latest industry approved equipment and highly trained technicians to clean your home. Firstly, we spray your home from the gutters down to

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