Roof and Gutters

Do not spend thousands of dollars replacing your roof that could have been restored to an as new appearance with simple pressure cleaning.

Fungus-covered roofs are unsightly and make homes look prematurely old. This appearance can reduce property values which should be a concern to anyone trying to sell a home. Pressure cleaning your roof can remove fungus, mould and lichen growth. Executive House Washing has the knowledge and experience, training and right products to know how to properly clean and maintain your roof in order to gain the high quality results you desire. We are experts in pre-paint cleaning and, in addition, can arrange for an experienced painter to quote your roof today. We offer a thorough roof inspection, removal of fungus and debris and an optional gutter and downpipe clean.


Why is Terracotta so expensive to clean?
Terracotta tiled roofs normally have a steeper pitch than other types. Very often, lichen grows over the tiles which is extremely time consuming to remove.

What about my water tanks?
It is advised that your down pipes are disconnected from your tank to avoid dirty water entering.


Roof and Gutters

Don't spend thousands of dollars replacing your roof that could have been restored to a like new appearance with simple pressure cleaning.


High Pressure Cleaning

We choose to use a rotary wash system on the larger flat surfaces to ensure the areas are more evenly and consistently cleaned
Commercial Building


Commercial Services

When you own a business, it is important that you keep your place of business looking attractive, inside and outside



House Washing Services

Executive House Washing uses the latest industry approved equipment and highly trained technicians to clean your home. Firstly, we spray your home from the gutters down to

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